Meet a member of our team

As a global company we have many different positions at our headquarters in Denmark, but also in the rest of the world. Here you can meet a few of our colleagues and gain insight into their job.

Antonio Martinez 


Meet Antonio – our Spanish team leader. Antonio became part of Actona Company two years ago, and since he has taken our sales department by storm. From assistant to coordinator, and from coordinator to team leader – time has not stood still the past two years.

As a team leader in Actona, Antonio is responsible for the management and development of his team and is working with everything from induction training to staff development and coordinating sales tasks where he remains in daily contact with our South American and Spanish customers.

Lasse Cha Pedersen


Like to gain an insight into some of the daily tasks as a designer? Lasse works with everything from 3D modelling to rendering, product development and so much more.

Being a designer is not just about designing nice pieces of furniture “It is the art of combining dreams and reality and making sure that a product has the right aesthetics, price, and functionality. But also understanding the customer needs and not get carried away by own preferences and visions” Lasse tells.

Sarah Knudsen 


Get a peek into the life as a stylist. Sarah became part of Actona Group almost six years ago as a Marketing Trainee, and she is now in charge of styling our 5.700 m2 showroom in Tvis.

Sarah is creative to the bone and if you ask her what her favourite part of the job is, there’s no doubt.
“I love that I can communicate our visual identity through the photos we take. I also enjoy creating and styling room settings, doing creative and even practical tasks in our showroom”.

Medarbejder Jens Holm

Jens Holm

Warehouse Coordinator

Those who work closely together with Jens know that smiles, and positive vibes always surround him. He really makes an effort to contribute to a good work environment and encouraging colleague-karma. For example, it is natural to Jens to know almost all the names of his colleagues - and with 325 colleagues in Tvis that is quite admirable.

In his position as warehouse coordinator he has contact to many people and departments in Actona Group. 

But he is also in contact with many suppliers as he is responsible for purchasing operating products and maintenance. Often, he is also a part of the process when we implement new systems as well as he is involved in many development projects.

“After 17 years at Actona Group I can say that Actona is part of my DNA. Every day I am happy to go to work, and I really appreciate the many different tasks and the unpredictability”, says Jens.

Medarbejder Jens Holm

Medarbejder Jens Holm

Helle Andersen


She knows exactly where to find our Construct sofa, Nohr dining table or one of the hundreds of other products in our showroom. Her name is Helle Andersen and she spend most of her time in our showroom, assembling furniture, and updating our showroom when products get removed and when new come in.

“I really enjoy my job – there is always something new happening. I always try to plan my day when I drink my morning coffee, but typically soon after, there is an urgent task or someone who needs help. I love the unpredictability and all the different tasks”, says Helle.

With many different tasks she never knows what awaits her. But one of her weekly to-dos is our photoshoot where she also plays a huge part. She finds and prepares the furniture for photo in our photo studio and for lifestyle photos in our showroom.

Medarbejder Jens Holm

Claus Børlum

Product Range Manager

To find the right product, at the right time, at the right price - that’s an artform. An artform that Claus Børlum loves and what his work life revolves around.  

As Product Range Manager Claus is co-responsible for product development and category management of Actona Group’s range. Claus has the overall responsibility for the product categories dining tables, cabinets, sideboards and chests of drawers.

“We must have the right products in terms of look, materials and function. We have to hit the market at exactly the right time”, says Claus.

It always starts with an idea or demand when Claus begins to develop a new product. That idea is given to our inhouse designers that translate it into a drawing.

From that drawing, our Purchasing department can find the right supplier to produce a sample. When the sample arrives the Quality department and Legal & Compliance are involved to approve the item, so we make sure that all our products meet the legal requirements and are safe for use. Claus makes sure that the product has the right feel and look, and when it is approved, Claus lets the Sales department take over, and he moves on to the next.

In addition to finding new bestsellers, Claus also works closely with our sales department to develop new products for some of our customers. Our in-house or external designers design the furniture for the specific customer, their range and customer group.

Medarbejder Jens Holm

Medarbejder Jens Holm

Claus Tarpgaard

Transport operator

Claus started his career as a trainee in Logistics 10 years ago. Today Claus' tasks include responsibility of lorry transport from our European suppliers, transport of containers to Denmark and planning trips from our warehouse in Tvis to Danish stores.
"It was a bit coincidental I applied for a trainee position in the logistic department. I thought the transport business sounded exciting and I did not really know what I wanted to do after finishing school.
The first two years as a trainee went really well. We had a good time socially in the team, my work was exciting, and I felt a trust from my department manager. After two years as a trainee, I was offered a permanent position in Logistics, and eventually I got more and more responsibility.

I like the tone in our department. We speak bluntly. It means a lot to me to have a good time socially.
In Logistics something new happens every day. You never really know what the day will bring. I have responsibility for our own trucks in Denmark. I also collect various offers on transport in Europe, so we are always confident our transport prices are competitive.
We have always been good at arranging social events in Actona. We have a good time together. You can also see this from all the anniversaries we have. There are many who have been here a long time.