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Last updated 23.02.2023

Please read our Terms and Conditions, the privacy policy and our cookie policy before using the Actona Group website. 
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These terms and conditions govern and apply to anyone accessing or using our website. Actona Group reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. We recommend you to regularly review these Terms and Conditions to ensure that you are aware of, understand and accept any changes made. Your continued use of our website will indicate your acceptance of these changes.

The website is owned and operated by Actona Group A/S ("Actona Group"), Smedegaardvej 6, Tvis, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark, business registration number in Denmark: 1214 3745.

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Actona Group makes no warranties regarding the accuracy of the information on the website. However, you are always welcome to contact us, if you find incorrect information on the website. Actona Group is entitled to change the content of the website at any time without preceding notice. 

If the website links to a third-party website, Actona Group makes not warranties for the content of the third-party website. These links are made for your convenience only, but it is at your own risk when you visit a third-party website. 

Actona Group is not liable for damages resulting from use of the website, including loss of income, operating loss or loss of data, operational disruptions or other direct or indirect loss. Downloading is at the visitors’ own risk. Actona Group is not responsible for any damage occurring as a consequence of downloading, installation, storage or use of the software or content from the website, including damage and functional disruptions as a consequence of virus or the like.

Visitors accept that the website must only be used for lawful purposes, and that it is not allowed to perform actions which may harm the website, including adding or removing anything from the website or attempting to obtain access to parts of the website which are not intended for the visitor in question.

Cookie Policy

Www.actonacompany.com, www.actonacompany.de, www.actonacompany.dk use cookies and similar technologies. These technologies are all small data files that are placed on your device (computer, phone, tablet etc.). In this policy and in our Privacy Policy we simply use the term “cookie” to describe them all.

Below you can read more about the cookies used at www.actonacompany.com, www.actonacompany.de and www.actonacompany.dk and find guidance of how to deactivate and delete cookies.

The website is owned and operated by Actona Group A/S, Smedegaardvej 6, Tvis, 7500 Holstebro, Denmark, business registration number in Denmark: 1214 3745.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file, which is placed on the hard disc of your computer, smartphone or any other electronic device you use to connect to the Internet. A cookie enables information to be collected, such as information regarding the pages you visit and functions you implement.

Some cookies are deleted when you close down your browser, while other cookies are saved on your device to delete themselves after a certain period of time.

Why we use cookies?

Actona Group uses cookies to make regular improvements to our digital content and the functionality of our website and to generate statistics about how our website is used and by whom (aggregated demographic information). Furthermore we use cookies in order to show job advertisement on social media.

Overall the cookies on our website can be divided into these three categories: (1) functional cookies/strictly necessary cookies, (2) analytical cookies and (3) marketing cookies.

(1) Functional cookies/strictly necessary cookies

Functional cookies make the site work better. We use these cookies to temporarily save information from your session (website visit), e.g. remembering what you added into a form. Our functional cookies are necessary cookies meaning that these cookies are necessary to make the website work. You cannot deny or disable cookies qualifying as necessary cookies.

(2) Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies allow us to measure the performance of our website by generating statistics about our website performance and visitors.

(3) Marketing cookies

We use marketing cookies to be able to show job advertisement on Facebook.com and LinkedIn.com.

First-party and third-party cookies

Actona Group makes use of both first-party and third-party cookies. A first-party cookie is installed by Actona Group while a third-party cookie is installed by someone other than Actona Group, such as other websites that provide content for our site or programmes that we use for analysis.

We use third-party cookies from the following:

Piwik Pro

The cookies from Piwik Pro are analytical cookies that allow us to measure the performance of our website in order for us to improve and develop the site.


The Facebook cookie is a marketing cookie that allows our job advertisement to be shown on Facebook.com to persons, who have visited the job and career section of our website.


The marketing cookies from LinkedIn allow our job advertisement to be shown on LinkedIn.com to persons who have shown interest in our company by visiting our website. Furthermore, the LinkedIn cookie allow us to gain insights about our website visitors (aggregated demographic information),

If you click on a link from www.actonagroup.com, www.actonagroup.de or www.actonagroup.dk to a third-party's website, you should be aware that new cookies may be placed on your electronic device. Actona Group has no influence over these cookies. It is your own responsibility to read through other websites' policies concerning cookies.

Cookie consent

When you visit our website for the first time you are asked to provide your consent to cookies being placed on your device. You can choose to accept all cookies or you can customize your cookie settings so only some of the categories of cookies listed above are placed on your device. You can also choose to deny all cookies except for necessary cookies which are cookies that are necessary for the website to work properly.

You should be aware that if you choose to deactivate/deny certain cookies, we cannot give you the best possible user experience on our website as there may be services and functions that you cannot use because they require cookies to remember the choices you are making.

If the cookies are amended or the cookie policy is significantly changed you will be asked to provide a new consent the next time you visit our website.

At all times you are able to withdraw your consent or amend your cookie settings. We save your Cookie consent for 5 years as documentation only.

Storage of cookies

The length of the time cookies is stored on your device varies. The time is calculated from the last time you were on our website. After expiration, cookies will automatically be deleted. You can see complete list below.

How to delete and avoid cookies

As cookies are not stored in our systems, we’re unable to retrieve or delete any cookies you created by visiting one or more of our websites. However, you can delete any cookies placed on your computer and avoid new ones. Please see below.


Do you have any comments or questions in relation to our information about cookies and our handling of your personally data, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: info@actonagroup.com.