Exhibitions & Showrooms

As an international company, we attend furniture fairs all over the world. It is important to us to show our products and build relationships with new and current partners. 
You are also always welcome in our showrooms in Denmark, Poland, and China. 

Where will we meet next?

Maison&Objet, 5-9 September 2024  –  Sits
Furniture China, 10-13 September 2024  –  Flexlux and Actona
M.O.W. Furniture Fair, 22-26 September 2024  –  Sits, Flexlux and Actona
Tvis In House fair 21 October - 8 November 2024  –  Sits, Flexlux and Actona
Esprit Meuble, 16-19 November 2024  –  Flexlux and Actona
IMM Cologne, January 2025  –  Sits, Flexlux and Actona
Maison&Objet, January 2025 –  Sits 
NEC Birmingham, January 2025  –  Sits, Flexlux and Actona
Nieuwegein fair, February 2025 – Sits and Flexlux
Meble Polska, February 2025  –  Flexlux and Actona
China In-house fair,  March 2025  –  Actona and Flexlux
Salone del Mobile Milano, April 2024  –  Sits and Flexlux


5-9 September 2024

Sits will be exhibiting at Maison&Objet.

Furniture China

10-13 September 2024

Flexlux and Actona will be exhibiting at Furniture China.

M.O.W. Furniture Fair

22-26 September 2024

Sits, Flexlux and Actona will be exhibiting together at the M.O.W. Furniture Fair.  

Tvis In House fair

21 October - 8 November 2024

Sits, Flexlux and Actona will be exhibiting together our showroom in Tvis.

Esprit Meuble, Paris

16-19 November 2024

Flexlux and Actona will be exhibiting at Esprit Meuble in Paris. 

IMM Cologne 

January 2025

Sits, Flexlux and Actona will be attending IMM Cologne.


January 2025

Sits will be exhibiting at Maison&Objet. 

NEC Birmingham

January 2025

Sits, Flexlux and Actona will be exhibiting at NEC Birmingham. 

Nieuwegein fair

February 2025

Sits and Flexlux will be exhibiting at Nieuwegein fair in the Netherlands. 

Meble Polska

February 2025

Flexlux and Actona will be exhibiting together at Meble Polska, Poznan. 

China in-house fair

March 2025

Actona will be very pleased to welcome you to our impressive showroom in China, where we also will be showcasing chairs from Flexlux.

Salone del Mobile Milano

16-21 April 2024

Sits and Flexlux will be exhibiting at the Salone del Mobile Milano. 

Showroom in Denmark

Get ready to be amazed by our always inspiring 5,700 m2 showroom in Tvis, Denmark. ​​

Showroom in China

Our 2,000 m2 showroom near Dongguan in China, is always updated with a wide range of modern and bestselling furniture. Always ready for you to dive in and experience new materials and smooth details. 

Showroom in Poland